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Easy Installation
Into existing or new timber or aluminium frames / doors. Why pay for a new frame & installation when you can utilise an old frame at a fraction of the cost?

Wide Range of Glass
Clear, Obscure, Translucent, Tinted or High Performance. From 6mm float glass to 10.38mm laminated glass and all that is in between, including toughened glass. Australian Glass Standards apply.

Timber or Aluminium Guides
Timber, clear anodised aluminium, powder coated or color anodised aluminium guides are available. Choose from a wide range of colors.

Unauthorised Entry Barriers
Our patented security design system prevents the unauthorised removal of the glass panes without either breakage or disassembly of the fixture.

Concealed Pulley & Cords **Special Feature**
Our patented pulley & cord system is concealed from view, even when the window is open. This is ideally suited for installation where vandalism is a concern (eg. schools) or extra security is required (eg. childcare centres).

Secure, Adjustable & Fixed Locking Mechanisms
The glass panes can be locked in either the open (100mm) or closed positions, whilst restricted openings are easily added to the required standard / height, to comply with the relevant laws.

Residential, Commercial & Industrial Application
The sashless unit is a popular addition to restaurants & cafes. It can be used in a servery situation, or just to open up the front of any venue.

Suited to Diverse Window Contours
Arched & Raked Head windows in both the vertical and horizontal frames can easily be catered to.

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